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Research plays a large part of the role of a copywriter. It’s only through extensive research that any writing can be genuinely informed and convincing. The insights developed through research give the reader trust in the words, the brand and the business. 


Copy and content

Copywriting for businesses is data mixed with storytelling; data because the writing is for business, and storytelling because people have been hardwired to respond positively to stories since the first cave drawings. The highest retention of information is when story and data are successfully combined, in fact 22 times more memorable than offering data alone.


Technical and formal

Even technical and formal documents can be made readable and interesting. Using plain English, easy to understand language and with a clear appreciation of the purpose of the writing, translating the most impenetrable text into clear and concise copy is achievable. Formal doesn’t have to mean hard.


Creativity (or innovation if that scares you)

Creativity is the key ingredient for any writing. While people sometimes shy away from creativity as a concept, it’s creativity that makes an Economist headline witty and gets clicks on a LinkedIn article. If you don’t like the word creativity, think innovation instead.



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