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Brands - Urban Stone, Brickworks, Bristile Solar, Austral


Brickworks is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse building material manufacturers comprising some of Australia’s best-known building brands including Brickworks, Austral Bricks, Bristile Roofing and Solar and Terracade. 


With an ongoing brief to appeal to a growing lifestyle market, as well as builders and architects, the brand wanted to position its products as not simply of the highest quality, but as stylish, premium and desirable across both indoor and outdoor projects.



Across a series of project briefs for several of the different brands, I wrote copy for brochures, product style guides and palettes, magazine advertising, trade brochures, websites and radio scripts. Each separate brand called for a nuanced tone and style while remaining consistent with the other house brands.



Advertising (trade and lifestyle)


Radio scripts

Working with the team at Design Suite

Urban Stone
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