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Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank incorporating brand - Financial Wisdom, Colonial First State & CBA

Financial Wisdom

Financial Wisdom (FW), owned by Commonwealth Bank, is an advisory and wealth management business consisting of a network of over 350 accredited financial advisers and 170 practices across Australia, providing financial planning services to people at all stages of life.


As part of an ongoing brand evolution, Financial Wisdom wanted to create a communications platform, both internal and customer facing, that supported the concept that the best financial planning develops through conversations that FW advisers share between themselves, passing this collective knowledge, experience and wisdom, onto their clients in order to provide the most wide ranging advice.


From concept through to execution over several months, a suite of material was created around the concept of ‘wise conversations’. Ranging from a collection of internal comms, conference material and a broadsheet ‘newspaper’ to a website, brochures, booklets and video script, the concept was incorporated throughout the business and adviser network.


Colonial First State

As a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank, Colonial First State (CFS) administer and insure through a range of wealth management products including personal and corporate superannuation, retirement income and investment and insurance products. 


With a complex range of products and services appealing to people with a diverse range of financial goals through an adviser network, this client needed a series of internal communication material that both clarified what was on offer and demonstrated a way to simplify this to their client base, both corporate and personal. 


Over the period of several months, we created a series of in-depth internal communications including a product communication platform, technical writing, advertising and presentation material. 



Deeply embedded within the CBA wealth management organisation, Collaborateur worked highly collaboratively with several strands of the CBA business. We produced a range of on-demand material spanning corporate and technical communication, internal comms and speeches, presentation material, strategic plans, brochures, marketing material, digital communications, tone of voice and style guides for different parts of the business.


With a highly nuanced understanding of the business imperatives and working within strict corporate guidelines, Collaborateur created a suite of highly effective and engaging communications material which were both visually arresting and accessible and easy to understand. 



Broadsheet newspaper

Video scripts

Conference material 

Speech writing

Brochures (internal & external)

Internal communications

Technical writing


Tone of voice

Style Guide


Commissioned by Collaborateur

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Wise Minds Financial Wisdom
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