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EDITION Art for Life


Living Edge, an Australian designer furniture brand, wanted to broaden their reach internationally, leveraging relationships with high-end brands and designers and creating a new category for collectable, covetable, limited edition furniture and design pieces from around the world. Creating a new category that united both a curated collection of highly desirable art and a new, prestigious revenue stream, they launched EDITION. 


Creating the new brand required a digital gallery-style platform much like a contemporary museum, from which you could purchase the iconic pieces but also appreciate their artistic and design value as a collection. 


With a curated approach to the collection, the visual language was bold, confident and curious and so the tone and style of writing needed to be inspiring yet restrained, progressive and with a subtle intelligence that spoke with authority without being worthy. 


The brief was to write an EDITION Manifesto, Introduction to the web platform and then product descriptions and artist/designer biographies. Factual, striking, informative and slightly avant-garde, these descriptive pieces of writing were the perfect foil for the collection itself, challenging assumptions about what is art and what is furniture.  


Website platform

Product descriptions

Artist & Designer biographies


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