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Orange Smartie


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The Brisbane based bespoke jewellery designer Calleija, in partnership with Zara Phillips, created a collection of equestrian themed jewellery to appeal to the modern woman.

From a chance meeting in 2013, Zara Phillips and Calleija created a contemporary, timeless and incredibly wearable collection. Zara’s exceedingly practical nature paired with her natural style and grace was the inspiration for Calleija to create a range of pieces as functional as they are beautiful.



The brief was to capture the essence of two strong personalities and the ethos behind the distinctive designs of the collection. The highly descriptive copy needed to capture an air of exclusivity and luxury, combining technical design language with an understanding of the evolution of the collection. 


Calling on my experience within women's lifestyle and luxury market, the project was to name the collection, create descriptive content and taglines and develop the web copy. 




Commissioned by WiteKite

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