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Scenic is a global river cruising company that since starting as a coach tour operator in Newcastle in 1986, has gone on to become one of the most renowned cruise and tour businesses in Australia and beyond. With a fleet of their own Scenic ships they are one of the main operators through the waterways of Europe and South East Asia while operating land tours through Canada and North America along with their luxury ocean cruising ship, Scenic Eclipse.

Although highly respected, Scenic wanted to reposition their brand as a business beyond simply a tour operator. In offering a unique experience and to stand out beyond their competitors, we developed the concept of Wonder, appealing to people on an emotional rather than transactional level. 


With an intelligent and comprehensive approach to the design, and penetration to every level of the global business, Scenic was renewed from a river cruising business to a global luxury lifestyle brand. Offering people the chance to fall in love with the experience of travel, the world and the brand itself, ‘Never lose your sense of Wonder’ became the brand tagline. 

Over the course of a year, a huge array of material was created for the brand evolution. Internally, communications material ranged from strategic documentation, presentation material, global conference material, staff and agent handbooks and brochures (with a corresponding guest version) and Tone of Voice and Style Guide, while customer facing material included an assortment of travel brochures, website development and concept advertising.   




Internal communications

Tone of voice

Conference material

Commissioned by Collaborateur

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