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Committee for Sydney

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The Committee for Sydney (CfS) is an independent think tank that provides thought leadership to government and industry with an aim to enhance the economic, social, cultural and environmental conditions that make Sydney a competitive, global and liveable city.


Aiming to unite all strands of public and private organisations with debate, rigorous research, member events, taskforces and publications, the Committee is a membership based, Board led organisation with a high public profile and a commitment to bold change-making leadership.


Over the course of six months I helped the Committee write monthly EDM’s, letters from the CEO, researched and wrote the Priorities publication along with further research and writing for CfS white papers across topics such as housing, planning, mobility and governance.


Additionally, I interviewed and wrote various essays for the CfS publication The Sydney Culture Essays, examining the cultural landscape of Sydney through debate and conversation with some prominent Sydney cultural commentators. 


Culture Essays


White Paper content


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