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Ecolab is one of the world’s leading water, hygiene and energy technology and services businesses. With services ranging across foodservices, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, industrial and oil and gas, Ecolab products and services are at nearly three million locations globally helping businesses keep their customers clean and safe, achieve their sustainability goals and preserve the world’s precious resources.


The Australasian business wanted to relaunch their customer brochure with a focus on how Ecolab are at the forefront of environmental innovation and business technology, and their profound influence on how we’re able to live in safe, clean and healthy environments. A companion brochure was also required for staff, with an aim to both in attract and retain world-class talent. 



The new brochures were written side by side. The customer version had a principal focus on sustainable innovation and progress while the employee version spoke to the unique way every Ecolab employee plays a vital role in protecting people and the environment, underpinning an intrinsic human need to contribute.


With a refreshed visual identity, the brochure copy needed to be professional yet revealing of the bigger part Ecolab play in helping businesses reduce their environmental impact. Taking dry statistics and turning them into human and relatable mini-stories was one of the ways the writing was able to tap into Ecolab’s special relationship with millions of people around the world.



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Ecolab brochure
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