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Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what a few of my clients say. 

"Jane’s a writing native. It seems to pour out of her almost effortlessly. She never misses the mark.

Her way of drilling to the depths in research, then carefully thinking through how to use language to resolve the big riddle or clarify an idea is pure genius. Add in her signature dash of surprise or clever wit to grab your attention, and well, you’ll know what I mean when you read her work. She’s an absolutely bloody brilliant writer!"


Simon Le Couteur, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Collaborateur


"A true word-smith. Creative, professional and always a pleasure to work with — Jane consistently delivers the highest quality work. She has the ability to simplify the complicated, make the mundane engaging and find that turn of phrase you wish you’d thought of yourself…"

Chris Thomas, Creative Director, Founded by Design


"It's been wonderful to work alongside Jane to help start and scale CancerAid. Jane was instrumental very early on in our journey as she assisted us with our first Information Memorandum (which was used to secure $1.25m investment), and has further contributed compelling patient & caregiver stories for our Community. They have been received excellently, and we are truly appreciative."


Dr Nikhil Pooviah, Co-Founder & CEO, CancerAid


"Jane has captured everything I've needed from personal writing to strategic business writing. She has a true talent with words and is very versatile across many business sectors."

Brent Woods, Creative Director

"Jane Davies has contributed to our content strategy with excellent writing skills. Jane has had a perfect sense of what is compelling to our audience and within our brand guidelines from the very start.  

It’s a pleasure to work with Jane, her communication skills, flexibility and ability to provide high-quality content with or without an outlined scope is very impressive."


Emelie Gustavsson, Marketing Manager, CancerAid


“With strict privacy measures surrounding the launch of a new product, we had to find someone who was honest, trustworthy and good at what they do. This is where Jane stepped in with the utmost professionalism and creativity, she came up with the goods for us.”


Owner, Ranger X 

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