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Aveo Group is a leading owner and operator of 94 retirement and aged care communities across Australia. Aveo provides retirement living choices for seniors across the spectrum of care from independent living through to aged care, palliative, respite and home care. 


Within their residential homes, Aveo work hard to provide a ‘community’ feel for their residents, providing a range of onsite facilities in contemporary, accessible and state of the art properties. 



To launch their showcase Bella Vista property Aveo commissioned a suite of marketing materials. The brief to their design agency Bullet, was to reflect a vibrant community lifestyle and sense of choice and freedom that moving to an Aveo community provides. Bullet asked me to help craft a brochure and video script for the Bella Vista project, as well as an internal Tone of Voice document to help staff write future communications material.


With a nuanced focus on benefits rather than facilities, the key was to convey both the choice and freedom residents would have by moving to an Aveo community. Reframing ‘retirement’ and how a life stage traditionally seen as negative, could be a positive, active and independent experience was important to encourage interest from a demographic often forgotten.  



Video script

Tone of voice

Commissioned by Bullet

Aveo brochure
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