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Copywriting Terms & Conditions

These are my Terms & Conditions. I've tried to keep them brief and in plain English as we all just want to get the job done. 


The Client means the person or company that has formally entered into the agreement (that’s you).

Orange Smartie refers to the business entity trading as Orange Smartie 

ABN 67 633 164 792 (that’s me)

Brief means a detailed breakdown that the work is based upon including supporting materials.




For my copywriting services I charge one of three ways:

An hourly rate

A project fee



My fees are calculated by how much time I will need to research, write and proofread your project and my expertise as an experienced copywriter. 


I have a minimum project fee of $300 which covers the admin and discussion time, as well as project.


The fee won’t change unless the project scope changes significantly. I will notify The Client of any changes to the fee before undertaking the work.


The fee includes:


Writing a first draft

Two set of edits and revisions (not major rewrites)

Final proofread


Additional costs will be charged (at an hourly rate) for:


Travel time

Costs incurred (itemised on invoice)


My fee doesn’t include meetings with designers, web developers or any other agencies unless this is specified as part of the project brief.


Revisions should be submitted within 14 days of the first draft being delivered to The Client. If revisions are not received, approval of the copywriting will be assumed and the project finalised. 


Quotes are valid for 30 days from submission date.


Urgent work

I’m happy to undertake urgent work or on occasion, work on a weekend. Urgent work will incur a 25% surcharge because of moving other work to accommodate this and/or hours outside of normal working hours. 



What I need 

Before I start on a project, I need a written acceptance of my quote via email with a Purchase Order number if applicable, an agreed deadline/s and a detailed project brief. 


I ask The Client to nominate one primary contact to centralise contact for the project, decision making and authority and centralising revisions. 


All materials provided by The Client are assumed legal and accurate. 



Change in scope

A change in project scope may need more of my time and I reserve the right to review the fee if the project changes substantially.


Additional work on the same project will also incur extra fees to be agreed with The Client in advance. 


This includes delays waiting for critical information needed to complete a project and delays in feedback.


Feedback should be timely, applicable and collated into one document. 


Payment terms

If an agreed project fee is more than AU$3,000 I request a 50% fee in advance with the final 50% due within 14 days of agreed completion.


All fees are due for payment within 14 days of the invoice date. 


If payment is not made, I will send a friendly reminder and if my invoice remains unpaid I will pursue recovery through a debt collection service including any costs incurred as a result of doing this. 


If The Client cancels work after the project has started or after booking specified days/times, I will charge for work already done or hours committed.




Orange Smartie retains copyright of all work produced until the final invoice is paid. On final payment, the copyright passes to you the client. 


Orange Smartie does not accept responsibility for any issues, claims, costs or expenses arising as a result of work I undertake at your request.


Orange Smartie will take every precaution to avoid errors, omissions, misrepresentation and other inaccuracies. However final responsibility for published material belongs with you, the client.


The Client agrees to indemnify and to hold Orange Smartie harmless against any and all claims, costs and expenses, including solicitors fees, due to materials included in any work undertaken at the request of The Client. 




A credit to Jane Davies or Orange Smartie will be made for any work publicised by you for which I have written the copy. This includes promotional on social media, LinkedIn, websites, brochures and marketing communications. 


The Client agrees to provide me with finished pdf versions or requested selected layouts of work for my portfolio where I will give full credit to the client/agency/other creatives.


By doing business with me you accept these Terms & Conditions.


Any curvy questions, just ask and well done for reading all the way to the bottom. I’m sure we’ll work just fine together.

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