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SMART Infrastructure Facility




With an international profile, the SMART Infrastructure Facility is one of the largest research institutes in the world dedicated to helping governments and businesses plan for the future. Based within the University of Wollongong (UOW), SMART’s work is augmented by collaborations both within Australia and globally across infrastructure related disciplines. 


Critical to expanding the understanding of the work that SMART does is the publication of their project brochures and white papers, bringing their work and research to a wider audience. 



While a great deal of in-depth and academic research, report writing and submissions goes on behind the scenes, demystifying this and translating both the real-world work and results into accessible and off-the-shelf information is complex.


SMART asked me to distil the research, process, study and key take outs for two projects into concise, readable and easy to understand brochures, or small White Papers, for the layperson. These four-page brochures are used to educate and inform future partners, governments, businesses and trade organisations both nationally and overseas, in the work of SMART and its research facility.



Liverpool City Smart Pedestrian Project
Liverpool Council Smart City Project
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