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TSA Management

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TSA Management are an Australian project management consultancy who partner with industry on both public and private utilities in Australia and New Zealand. With nine offices, 320 staff working across 12 sectors and $60 billion worth of projects on the go, TSA are one of the fastest growing project management firms in Australia. 


Celebrating 18 years in business, TSA wanted to relaunch their brand with a new look that showcased their project specialities and collaborative culture. The new brand included a website rewrite, a coffee table book and video.


With a strong company culture and a suite of showcase projects, TSA had a rich seam of material to draw from. The contemporary new brand look required a tone of voice that was both professional and accessible and while the business needed to demonstrate authority and expertise, they were keen to show the more human side of their culture. 



The coffee table book was to serve as an inspiring conversation piece with content that drew on TSA’s history, key personnel, showcase projects and above all their collaborative culture. With leeway from the client to inject an intelligent humour, the result was an energetic, informal and yet informative piece for both staff and clients. 


TSA wanted to the web content to move away from the austere nature of many management consultants. The overarching idea was to showcase not just their standout work but their people-focused culture too. 

Although highly respected, Scenic wanted to reposition their brand as a business beyond simply a tour operator. In offering a unique experience and to stand out beyond their competitors, we developed the concept of Wonder, appealing to people on an emotional rather than transactional level. 



Coffee table book

Video script

Commissioned by Collaborateur

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