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CityConnect is the accelerator program for smart city, technology-based ideas that is run through the BlueChilli organisation. BlueChilli combines agency, incubator, accelerator and venture capital fund to support entrepreneurs and connect them with corporates and investors with a view to solving the world’s greatest challenges with technology-based solutions.



In looking to launch the program and gain publicity, I was commissioned to research and write a series of in-depth blog posts illustrating the areas CityConnect was targeting and discussing human behaviours in relation to how liveable our cities are, and could become. On topics ranging from work, transport, connectivity, data, leisure and commerce, these essays were an accessible introduction to the role our cities will play in the future.


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About the Orange Smartie name, back in the day, the orange smarties were the only ones with a flavoured filling - chocolate orange rather than simply chocolate.

The orange ones were always the ones people went for first because they were just that little bit different...