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Do you specialise in a particular field?

No, I write across a broad range of subjects for a diverse selection of clients. I love the diversity that my clients bring to me.

What’s the process with a new client?

When working with a new client, the first conversation (either in person, on the phone or via email) is usually a top line summary of what they need and when they need it. I’ll then make an arrangement for a more in depth chat about the project.


During the second, longer conversation I’ll establish more details and background on the project, making notes of key points and areas of focus that play a part in the writing. If a client already has a brief, all the better.


I'll then email back a quote, detailing hours of research and hours of writing as these are charged at slightly different rates.


If the quote is accepted, we'll agree a start and completion date and then get to work. 


Do you work on retainer?

Yes, I’m happy to work on retainer. This is most often the case with blogs and editorial content for websites, as well as things like regular newsletters.  


Is there a minimum project size? Or a maximum?

No job too big or too small, as they say.


How do you send the copy back?

I write in Word or Pages and will send the copy in one of those two formats. If I’ve undertaken extensive research, for instance writing a white paper, I’ll also provide the research notes for reference too.


How many drafts do you write?

It’s not often a client isn’t happy with the copy I send back. I make a point of asking lots of questions both at the beginning and along the way, to make sure I’ve covered everything. 

One round of revisions is included in the budget. If a client requires more revisions (and depending on the scope of these) we may need to adjust the budget but I’ll always work until the client is completely satisfied.


Help, I’ve got a rush job!  

No problem. If you need something yesterday, I’ll do everything I can to make sure you have it ASAP. There will be a rush job fee of 20% on top of the agreed rate.


What do you charge?

Orange Smartie fees are in line with those of other experienced copywriters. I usually charge by the hour, with a slightly reduced fee for research hours as opposed to writing hours, but I’m happy to work on a project rate or retainer for larger jobs.

I’ll always estimate upfront on how much a job will cost. If there are changes to the scope or additional work I'll always let you know before I proceed.

I work from home so it’s a cost-effective operation – you’re paying for my skills and time not an office.


I want something that’s not on your list of services, can you do it?

I’m pretty sure I can, try me and see.


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